About Us

Carrots is an automation tool that makes it easy to reward your fans. By offering consumers rewards in exchange for social media, everyone wins!

For Consumers

Welcome to Carrots, where your social media is rewarded!

Unlock the power of your influence. Leave social media stories about your favorite small businesses and get rewards in return.

Why Choose Carrots?

Earn Rewards

Get incentives for sharing! Leave social media posts to earn real rewards through our innovative platform.

Discover Exciting Offers

Access exclusive discounts, promotions, and rewards from a wide range of participating small businesses. Uncover hidden gems and save money while supporting local merchants.

Become an Influencer

Your social media posts make you an influencer! Share your experiences, inspire others, and build your personal brand.

Seamless Experience

Facilitated through Instagram, we have enabled rewards for social media activity. No need for another app to manage, get everything you need via DM.

Support Small Businesses

Help local businesses thrive by providing valuable feedback. Your social media posts make a meaningful impact on their success.

For Merchants

Welcome, Merchants! Grow your business with Carrots.

Harness the power of your customers social media network to drive revenue and boost your online presence. DM @carrots_pro now to chat.

Why Choose Carrots?

Increase Visibility

Stand out from the competition. Carrots connects you with your community of engaged consumers, amplifying your online presence and attracting new customers.

Authentic Customer Stories

Earn genuine, positive social media shares from satisfied customers who love your products and services. Build trust and credibility in the marketplace.

Social Media Promotion

Leverage the influence of your customers. Carrots encourages users to share their experiences on social media, spreading the word about your business organically.

Data-driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Understand what drives satisfaction and loyalty, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Cost-effective Marketing

Carrots provides a cost-effective marketing solution for small businesses. Benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations and the power of social media.