What happens if a fan interacts with my account multiple times?

  • This is flexible. We can either generate one reward per Instagram handle or send a reward everytime a fan interacts with you.

How much does it cost to use Carrots?

  • Please DM us @carrots_pro for pricing information.

Can I thank my fans for sharing without giving a reward?

  • Yes! We can customized the message.

Can I customize the reward page?

  • Yes! Please DM us @carrots_pro to customize the reward page.

My Point-of-Sale system has a QR scanner, can I use a QR code based reward?

  • Yes! Please DM us @carrots_pro to let us know the details of the QR.

Can I upload a set of one-time coupon codes?

  • Yes! Please DM us @carrots_pro to for details.