Reward Page Example

Reward Page Example


Carrots includes a flexible out-of-box reward webpage that you can use.

This webpage and the flow can be customized to fit your brand and needs.

User flow

The user flow is as follows:

In the DM

User clicks on the reward link in the DM and gets redirected to the reward page

On the Reward Page

User clicks on the "Redeem Reward" button and sees an notification that the reward expires after 24 hours

Reward Code

User clicks on the "Redeem" button and sees the reward code

Reward Code Animation

The reward code includes a bouncing animation.

The example below shows a coupon code, but this can also be a QR code or a barcode.

In case of using in-store, you can use this animation to prevent users from taking screenshots of the reward code.

Expires in: h:m:s